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Foxconn iPad Sweatshop TV image from CCTV

Explosion at Foxconn iPad Plant in China

(Reuters) – Foxconn Technology Co Ltd on Sunday confirmed that a third person has died following a large explosion at a plant in southwestern China on Friday that local media have linked to production of…

American Apparel USA manufactured clothing and accessories

American Apparel Possible Bankruptcy

As of August 20th, 2010, American Apparel stock is down to about $.75/share. News stories are being published all over the world about the possibility of the company going bankrupt. The company started in 2003…

Jim Keady finds dumped Nike rubber

Jim Keady Finds Dumped Nike Shoe Rubber

Jim Keady has been tracking the dumping and burning of Nike scrap shoe rubber for 15 years. Although the issue is no longer making headlines, it’s still happening. In June 2010, Jim went to a…