Choosing the Right Sweatshop Free and Fair Trade Labels for an Ethical Lifestyle

Fair Trade Certified LogoDid you know that the Fair Trade label does not necessarily guarantee that the clothing you buy is sweatshop labor free as well? This may come as somewhat of a surprise because most people do not realize that the Sweatshop Free and Fair Trade labels are two very different things. In fact, failing to recognize this may actually mean that you have bought clothing that has been made in a sweatshop while thinking that you have bought ethically manufactured goods. So what is the difference and how can you tell? Well, read on to find out because that is exactly what this article will look to clear up for you.

First of all, you should know that buying clothing that can be described as sweatshop labor free is not easy. Some think that avoiding a few big brands, such as Nike and The Gap, will ensure that they are purchasing clothing that has been made ethically. Sure, those two brands have been exposed as using sweatshop labor and child exploitation to save money in the past but they are not the only ones and unethical manufacturing is not limited to large brands. In fact, some of the smaller brands have used sweatshop labor to maximize their bottom line in the very recent past. As such, you really have to do your research to find out which clothing could ethically use the Sweatshop Free label.

However, there is one confusing point that you should avoid making a mistake over. The Fair Trade label does not on its own guarantee that goods are not made in sweatshops. Contrary to popular belief, it only guarantees that the cotton and other materials that have been used to make the goods have been grown and purchased ethically. This means that you need to look for clothing that has both the Fair Trade and the Sweatshop Free labels.

To some people, this might sound too confusing to bother with, but that is actually not the case. Committing yourself to living a sweatshop free lifestyle is quite easy when you know how. It is all about doing a little research and educating yourself, just like anything else in life.

This site will help you learn everything you need to know about getting started. You can avoid the confusion in just a matter of minutes if you are committed to living a more ethical life, and helping people that would otherwise not stand a chance against corporations and other groups that would happily exploit them. The few moments of effort it takes to find out more about the Fair Trade and Sweatshop Free labels are definitely worth it.

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