Natural Nectar Fair Trade Choco Dream CookiesNatural Nectar offers some of the best tasting cookies you will find, and they are made from fair trade certified ingredients! Chocodream cookies are available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate. The shortbread biscuit is perfect, not too dry, and flavored with all natural sugarcane. The layer of chocolate is almost as thick as a candy bar and is very fulfilling.

Warning: be sure to buy several boxes at the same time because they are highly addictive.

From the Natural Nectar Chocodream page:

Why use Fair Trade ingredients? — By using Fair Trade ingredients we are helping to ensure farmers are able to invest in their farms and communities because they are receiving fair price and fair labor conditions.Natural Nectar is proud to support Fair Trade ideals of fair price, environmental protection and safe working conditions through our purchase of these ingredients from Fair Trade cooperatives around the world.

Natural Nectar Fair Trade Choco Dream Cookies

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