Autonomie Project Inc Fair-Trade Fashion and Footwear

Autonomie Project is a store in Boston, MA that specializes in Fair Trade, environmentally friendly and vegan products. Since 2007, Autonomie Project has put a lot of effort into giving us a beautiful site to browse and and awesome selection of sweatshop free clothing and shoes. Their shoes feature rubber soles that are made from FSC-certified sustainably grown rubber.  Not only that, but the glue uses in their shoes is vegan (not made from horse hooves like other industrial glues).

Autonomie Project supplies high-quality garments at competitive prices to consumers that wish to make purchases with a social and environmental impact without having to sacrifice their own personal style, or break their wallet. In addition to a feel-good and fun shopping experience, Autonomie aims to raise awareness about today’s most pressing global issues. We hope to inspire our consumers to take action and help us uplift the communities of workers around the world that produce our goods.”

From their Wikipedia page:

Autonomie Project is a Fair Trade, Eco-Friendly, and Vegan Fashion Company based out of Boston, MA in the United States. The company began in 2007 when group of friends who were frustrated with the fashion and footwear industries due to their lack of transparency and use of sweatshops and harmful chemicals. Autonomie Project currently produces shoes, flip flops, hand bags, t-shirts, winter hats and accessories. They work with small, independent cooperatives and Fair Trade certified facilities located in developing areas of the world including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Peru, and the USA. As well as being Fair Trade Certified, the company uses eco-friendly products as much as possible such as organic cottons and Forest Stewardship Council certified sustainable all natural rubber. Autonomie Project certifies all products and materials all the way down the supply chain are vegan, produced by Fair Trade standards, and are environmentally friendly.

Check out the Autonomie Project blog where they write about fair trade, environmental issues, current events and vegan recipes.

Update: Autonomie Project is no longer operating. It was a great resource but they have decided to close.

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