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Fair Trade has always been a foundation that is close to my heart. I was about ten or eleven when I first learned that many of the products we buy aren’t traded fairly and I was horrified and still am when I walk past people constantly rushing to buy products which farmers have been exploited to produce. This ignorance annoys me but what is worst than this is that we have been taught about fair trade in school a few times and yet too many of my fellow students still say they simply don’t care and aren’t even ashamed to say it.
Only a few months ago I was sat in my geography class preparing for an essay on trade and my teacher asked people if they were bothered by the fact that a popular store many of them shopped in used sweat shops. The answer was a resounding no for a majority of my class. And this, people of youtube, is why I felt this video had to be made.

Hoping to decrease world suck,

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