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3 Comments on "Verizon Sends Good Jobs Overseas"

  1. I want to know more! Do you have anything like this in Australia?

  2. I actually worked for Verizon in a call center in TJ : good salary for a student (and more than some adults in the factories around here) , Social security even for part time (to be fair universal health care is a thing here) overall the only bad part of it was the actual local administration that tended to cheat Verizon (and it’s employees) out of rewards and incentives offered by the company. Anyways back to the point they still have a lot of centers back there and the ones closed in Canada (thunderbay) and texas had a lot of issues with providing proper cx service.

    • I mean it is by no means a sweatshop and to be fair that woman in the video does seem really hard to understand over the phone, something that would not be considered acceptable in other call centers verizon outsources his jobs to. They would have her on probation with an accent coach in a minute.

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