Fair Deal Trading Sweatshop Free Sports Balls Store

Fair Deal Trading is a sweatshop free sports balls shop that specializes in footballs (soccers), rugby balls, voleyballs, basketballs, etc. They also sell fair-trade sneakers and rubber products such as balloons and rubber gloves.

“The Fair Deal Trading Partnership was founded by Dr. Martin Kunz and James Lloyd in 2004 with the sole purpose of importing Fairtrade certified sports balls into the UK. Our product base has since spread to include a full range of Fairtrade certified sports balls, ETHLETIC sneakers and flip-flops as well as a whole range of rubber products from balloons to rubber bands.”

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  1. Hi, I have a few questions and I hope that you have the right answers. First my english is not the best one – I study in germany at the FU Berlin and in the last weeks I write on my bachelor-thesis. So I have some questions about the car-market in your country… is there a online-marketplace in your country to buy no sweatshop shirts? or just shoes and so on? we do not have here. I think you can help me – thx 🙂

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