Goodsociety Organic Fair Trade JeansTrendy, form-fitting jeans made from organic cotton and fair trade are not easy to find, but Goodsociety has you covered. Goodsociety bluejeans has all of the cuts and washes you want with for a price that rivals most designer jeans that are manufactured in sweatshops.

For every pair of jeans purchased, Goodsociety will give a quarter to someone in need.  That’s ¼ of our profits, not an actual quarter. That would be cheap.

Their site doesn’t have a Fair Trade logo and they don’t specifically claim to be sweatshop-free, but this is what they say:

Giving profits is the result of our approach, not the beginning of it. Our approach begins with independent farmers in India, trained in organic and sustainable production methods. Our supplier supports roughly a thousand cotton farmers, eliminating pesticide and fertilizer use and enhancing quality. A guaranteed purchase agreement with these farmers provides financial opportunity for education, infrastructure, and local development. Factory working conditions of the employees are of sincere conscientious standards. No exploitation. Fair wages. Safe work. No children. This process is formally coined ‘fair trade’.

Made in India.


After wanting to know more about their claim to produce ethical blue jeans, we email the company in June 2013. Here is the reply:

We aren’t certified fair trade, but we do travel over to Asia during manufacturing to oversee quality.  During that time we are also monitoring hours worked, working conditions, overtime wages, base salary, etc.  There has been and will continue to be a giving back to the people we work with there whether it’s education for their children’s schools in the community or some medical benefits.  It is all something that we’ve been very focused on being apart of and will continue to monitor.

Their reply was never actually seen due to hitting the spam folder, so we tweeted. Here was their reply to the tweet:

Saw the tweet.  Our reply below is what we sent to you 2 days after you contacted us.  Manufacturing is an important part of our commitment to creating a good society.  No sweatshops.  We fly to India for manufacturing to monitor working conditions, hours, wages, minimum age, etc.


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