Sweatshop Free Vlogger Princess Mei

There are countless beauty/fashion channel on YouTube, but you rarely hear any of them spreading awareness about sweatshop free shopping, organic living, fair-trading, cruelty-free existing.

If you’re into watching beauty vloggers but tired of hearing about hauls of sweatshop goods sent to them for free in exchange for a video, then check out SoCal based Princess Mei. Her channel is a refreshing twist on fashion and style.

She has the pro editing and cool music cuts that you’re used to with other popular YouTubers, but what sets her apart is that she’s into the sweatshop free lifestyle – and she mentions in most of her videos. Props to her for being aware and spreading the word to her 200K subscribers.

The video above is all about sweatshop-free vintage thrifting tips and tricks.

If you know of other sweatshop free vloggers or bloggers, mention them in the comments below.

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4 Comments on "Sweatshop Free Vlogger Princess Mei"

  1. Cool, I wonder if she’s vegan?

    • Hi! Her Instagram bio says “transitioning to a CF diet & lifestyle”. CF meaning cruelty free, so maybe she’s on her way to being vegetarian or vegan. Hopefully she’ll reply to your question here.

    • Mei is not vegan, shes pescetarian but she says that she would like to go vegan one day.

  2. Annika Victoria on Youtube is also sweatshop free! She uploads sewing and thrifting videos to encourage others to make or thrift their own clothes instead of supporting sweatshop labor!

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