The Ethletic Fairtrade Football Story

“How do you think a football is made? Where do you think they come from? James Lloyd of Fair Deal Trading and Ethletic takes us on a journey to discover how Fairtrade Footballs are made. The Fairtrade Football story.”

Now you can get Fair Trade soccer balls thanks to the crew over at Ethletic.

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4 Comments on "The Ethletic Fairtrade Football Story"

  1. I tried going to their site to buy shoes I saw here but that site is so hard to buy anything from. Why are fairtrade shopping sites so badly designed?

    • Thanks for the comment. We agree that most online stores selling Fair Trade and Sweatshop Free goods could use some improvement. It could be that their passion is in the message more than business, so their time is put into making things happen rather than technology behind their eCommerce site. Still, you are right, and there’s no point in spreading the word about buying cruelty free products if people can’t easily order them.

      In the meantime, please try this URL for the shoes from Ethletic:

      • I just went to that link. At the top it says: “This store is under construction. Any orders placed will not be honored or fulfilled.”

        WTF? I just want to buy some vegan Chucks that weren’t made by little kids working 15 hour days.

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