Indigenous Designs Fair Trade and Organic Clothing

“Together, Scotty and Matt have helped form a scalable artisan network through the Indigenous clothing line that reflects a commitment to sustainability and socially responsible actions. This global collaboration weaves together the employees of Indigenous, the artisans from around the world, and most importantly you, our customers.”

Fair Trade standards strictly adhered to by Indigenous, include:

  • Provide fair wages in the local context
  • Support safe, healthy, and participatory workplaces
  • Supply financial and technical support
  • Offer shared community planning to build capacity
  • Ensure environmental sustainability
  • Respect and embrace cultural identity of families and community
  • Build direct and long-term relationships
  • Educate and collaborate with partners on sustainability

Indigenous has been working hard since 1994 on building networks of artisans around the world. They have been awarded the Social Responsibility Business Awards for pioneering social and environmental integrity within the apparel industry.

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