American Apparel USA manufactured clothing and accessories

American Apparel delivers a sweatshop free option to shopping districts around the world. Their clothing is all manufactured in Los Angeles, California. American Apparel also offers a wide variety of organic products.  Made in the USA.

American Apparel uses a vertically integrated business model which minimizes the use of sub-contractors and offshore labor. Knitting, dyeing, sewing, photography, marketing distribution and design all happen in our Los Angeles facilities.

We employ more than 5,000 people in our LA area manufacturing facilities, making us one of the largest apparel manufacturing employers in the country.

Our average factory worker makes $12 to $14 dollars an hour -the highest pay worldwide for the manufacturing of apparel basics, and significantly more than California’s minimum wage. For us, higher pay means heightened efficiency, a better and more consistent quality of work, stronger employee morale, and ultimately, retention rates of skilled operators. For them, higher pay is often a path to the American Dream for their families.

We don’t have to do things this way, we just believe it’s the right way.

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  1. American Apparel has some really nice clothes, I just wish they emphasized on the “sweatshop free” aspect of their business more than the hipster part.

  2. Too bad they seem to be marketing women as sex objects with their model’s poses and their tight, barely-there “fashion”

  3. Wait, is American Apparel sweatshop free or not? If they manufacture all of their clothing in the US then they have to follow regulations for treating their workers fair, don’t they? So the only question is where they get their materials from and whether those are Fair Trade. Or am I confused?
    I know this post is kind of old but I am having trouble finding helpful Fair Trade & Sweatshop free info about companies online. I have very recently decided to try to go 100% fair trade for all my clothing but it is proving very hard to find any information!

  4. I appreciate the sweatshop free effort but I don’t shop at this store because their objectification of females in their ads are disgusting and degrading.

  5. I appreciate the sweatshop free effort but I don’t shop at this store because the objectification of females in their ads is disgusting and degrading.

  6. They are sweatshop free…. but their owner is a huge pervert and gets in trouble all of the time for sexually harassing his employees….. I’d recommend staying away from Am Ap, as beautiful as their clothing is :l

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