In this interview with Jim Keady, he describes the situation with Nike and how they dump scrap shoe rubber in Indonesia. He is wearing a Nike “slavery” shirt in the video as he discusses the Nike’s lack of responsibility and the pollution that is created by their executive decisions. (The Jim Keady interview begins at 22:00).

We’ve been focused on this issue and trying to get Nike to take care of their waste and recycle it in a responsible way for 15 years almost in Indonesia, and this stuff is still going on that I just found in June. (32:15)

The video goes on to say:

I’m sure if we gather a few tons of the scrap shoe rubber, piles that I’ve seen in Indonesia, and we brought that to Beaverton, Oregon, and we put it in the middle of the soccer field that sits smack in the center of Nike’s corporate campus and we lit this stuff on fire, I would guess that the Nike employees that are based there would be motivated to figure out how to recycle this and do it in a way that’s economical and beneficial to all the stakeholders that are involved. (32:30)

Jim Keady’s campaign is

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