Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic Sweatshop Free or Not?

In the world of ethical, fair-trade and sweatshop free shopping, there are a few companies that are constant offenders against poor people in poor countries. The Gap Inc. is one of those brands that comes to mind when hearing the word “sweatshop.”

Even if they have been forced into moving towards more ethical manufacturing practices, it is important to remember that the company has existed since 1969 and has been making headlines related to sweatshop manufacturing for year. It’s your choice as a consumer to support an business that has grown its fortune by exploiting others, or avoid them for their accumulated bad karma.

Is it really worth up to 75% off select styles…

Instead of adding another post to the archives of investigative articles about The Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic/Athleta/Intermix (all in the same group), here is a list of links to the most informative reports published over the years:

What Gap says is not what Old Navy Does (Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights)

Gap: Report of kids’ sweatshop ‘deeply disturbing’ (CNN)

Gap pulls ‘child labour’ clothing (BBC News)

Gap, Old Navy, and the Living Hell of a Bangladeshi Sweatshop (Common Dreams)

Journalists Find 12-Year-Old Girls Making Old Navy Jeans for Gap in Bangladeshi Factory (Democracy Now)

Gap, Next and M&S in new sweatshop scandal (The Guardian)

‘Gap sweatshop children’ saved in India raid (The Telegraph)

If you have written an article about the GAP, please feel free to link to it in the comments or submit it to be added to this list.

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