This video ask viewers to think about how their iPhones are made. It explores Mike Daisey’s performance of The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.

While enthralled with the vast array of very cool electronic gadgets coming out of Apple, how many of us ever stop to think how these products are made? With Apple being the darling of corporations in the U.S., I think we may all ASSUME that it is a leader and they are on the forefront of labor rights and employment oversight to ensure workers are treated MORE than fairly. This expose’ seems to indicate differently… I can only imagine the demands made of Foxconn by Steve Jobs to meet production schedules and keep costs down, while producing superior products. If this was an expose of Exxon-Mobil or Bank of America, Americans across the nation would be OUTRAGED! Where is the outrage? Could it be that we selectively choose who we want to hold responsible? Will we holder Apple accountable for the leadership they have extolled over the years in the human rights area?

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